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Signal understands that the issue in data analysis is not quantity; brands are bombarded with information from numerous channels on a constant basis, often resulting in more data than they can reasonably handle. Rather, the challenge lies in the tracking of this data and leveraging it to create effective marketing pieces and segmentation.   The Signal platform allows for exactly this, equipping companies with the capacity for refined data collection, persistent identification, data onboarding, and media activation for real-time cross-channel engagement.   Because of Signal’s status as a neutral, transparent, and deterministic party allows the company to tie 1:1 insights to media targeting, while respecting laws and regulations regarding personal identifiable information. This unique place within the sector gives Signal the advantage of complete data analysis while remaining compliant and responsible when it comes to privacy concerns.   In a market where data management and analysis is often the biggest obstacle preventing brands from delivering the best possible experience for potential consumers, Signal takes the workload from its clients, allowing them to focus on frontend processes and where to take the results of the data.   Marketing is moving into a new era—what worked 20 years ago simply won’t cut it today, and that includes the data infrastructure that supports global ecommerce. It’s this philosophy that drives Signal’s mission: to build a new infrastructure for current marketing technology and beyond. - See more at: http://loyalty360.org/resources/featured-technology/loyalty360-featured-technology-signal#sthash.WP8n7Sfr.dpuf

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