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Predictive analysis has become nearly a necessity in acquiring and—more importantly—retaining today’s consumer. Pointillist’s behavioral marketing platform allows brands to track the customer journey, even across channels, to predict their next likely behavior. Using this information, clients can anticipate the next steps their customer will take, and provide them with the correct message, timing, and channel of delivery in order to further strengthen relationships.   Through the use of Pointillists’ content management platforms, clients are able to serve up relevant messaging to customers while breaking down data siloes that had once prevented the tracking of data across channels and devices.   The company’s robust algorithms analyze significant data points as events along the timeline of a customer’s engagement with a brand, even allowing the brand to connect these events according to email, customer or session ID, mobile number, loyalty card number, and more. Through the use of a guided four-step model, Pointillist works in collaboration with the client every step of the way.   Beyond its already sophisticated technology, Pointillist’s platform continues to improve; the company is now developing an automated tool that will enable brands to answer more open-ended, qualitative questions about the customer journey and how its impacted by various factors. - See more at: http://www.loyalty360.org/resources/featured-technology/loyalty360-featured-technology-pointillist#sthash.5PGU0hp3.dpuf

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