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RedPoint Global Tackles Omni-channel Communication with Advanced CRM Programs

In today’s metric-driven marketing landscape, a company is nothing without its data. Just as important as gathering this data, however, is partnering with the right data management provider to compile this mountain of information in a way that can be used to improve CRM. RedPoint Global wants to augment customer loyalty by clearing up the relationship between a brand and its technology provider.

One of the biggest challenges brands face with their data management is the difficulty in gathering data across multiple channels. Especially with emerging social media platforms, omni-channel communication is crucial to CRM.

RedPoint recognizes this need, and prides itself on allowing brands to easily coordinate multiple channels by using a single application.

“In one communication strategy, you can send out an email blast and then, with the same list, in the same campaign, send it out to LiveRamp and publish across all of your properties,” George Corugedo, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of RedPoint Global, told Loyalty360.

In a marketing environment where new platforms are seemingly developed daily, being able to coordinate between channels is quickly becoming the most important answer to the question of how to use data to its full potential. The company has made omni-channel communication a top priority, and it has the premium accolades to back it up: The Forrester Wave CCCM report named RedPoint No. 1 in cross-channel communication in Q3 2014.

The partnership between brands and solutions providers is plagued by a lack of clarity regarding data management. Because of this murky relationship, data solution providers often take advantage of the fact that brands rely on data, but aren’t always sure how to obtain and analyze it.
In essence, Corugedo said: “Whoever owns your data, owns you.”

RedPoint tackles this issue by using a single source code solution. While many data companies may hide the fact that their data is not fully integrated, RedPoint has built a source code that allows it to integrate to third parties.

The ability to connect to any API has proven to be an enormous benefit; the company allows brands to broadcast over their choice of channels, including 12 email providers, 12 social networks, and four SMS providers.

Another powerful tool in data collection is one that is often underutilized: Social media engagement applications. These programs allow companies to harvest user data in creative and customer-friendly ways. For example, one application might unlock a coupon code after a certain number of users log on to Facebook and follow the brand. This can open up a world of opportunities to gather data on customers using a social media platform that brands are already utilizing. The problem: Marketing teams simply aren’t using these programs.

“Hardly any marketer takes that next step,” Corugedo explained. “They view Facebook as just another way to blast messages to their audience. They’re not thinking about how to pull and engage those people.”
In the race to collect and manage data from every possible source, brands should leave no stone unturned in looking for new opportunities to gather customer information.

Many solution providers will sell their software to a brand and move on to the next opportunity.

Not so with RedPoint.

“We make it clear to our clients that we don’t just want them to buy our software; we want to partner with them to succeed,” Corugedo said.

About the Author: Mark Johnson

Mark is CEO & CMO of Loyalty360. He has significant experience in selling, designing and administering prepaid, loyalty/CRM programs, as well as data-driven marketing communication programs

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