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TalkTalk Acknowledges Growing Demands for a Digital Customer Experience

Talk Talk Customer ExperienceAs the world increasingly makes the shift from analog to digital, more companies are moving quickly to provide the customer experiences consumers demand. For TalkTalk, a leading cable television, broadband Internet, and mobile network provider for businesses and consumers across the United Kingdom, this meant forging a new partnership with LivePerson.

After users increasingly stated that they preferred a self-serve online customer experience, TalkTalk sought to break from the traditional telephone-based customer service model through a deal with LivePerson, an intelligent customer engagement platform that provides connectivity through an array of digital channels.

The implications are clear. When customers speak, TalkTalk listens.

"Our customers don't always want to have to pick up the phone or send an email when they need help online," said Sholto Mee, Head of Customer Services for TalkTalk. "They want fast help, in real-time, while they are on-site. We believe that digital customer service is the future, and we want our customers to be at the forefront of that revolution."

TalkTalk also projects that customer engagement rates will soar. By this time next year, the telecom and entertainment provider expects that the number of customers using the advanced online engagement technology will quadruple.

This prediction is based on the vast disparity that continues to grow between the existing digital and analogue services. The number of telephone calls received by their contact center has decreased dramatically, while, conversely, TalkTalk’s online “My Account” service has risen substantially over the same time period.

"As the traditional ways of interacting with customers, like telephone hotlines, become obsolete, it's vital that we invest in new technologies like LivePerson's LiveEngage to maintain high levels of customer service in the brave new digital world," Sholto continued.

In addition to introducing new modes of online interaction, TalkTalk sees LivePerson’s technology as a way to invest in digital customer service, whileTalk Talk Customer Experience also maintaining the “human touch” element that is vital to effective customer engagement.

In the end it all about choice, and providing the type of customer engagement consumers want. TalkTalk understands that most people now prefer online self-service, but people also want to feel comfortable knowing that more help is available should they need it.

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