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Ketchup Group Establishes a New Loyalty Company to Carry Out a 5 Year-Plan Within the Eastern European Market

Ketchup Group Establishes a New Loyalty Company to Carry Out a 5 Year-Plan Within the Eastern European Market

Ketchup, a global leader in loyalty marketing, starts a new company in Ukraine to spread its services in Eastern Europe, solely focusing on Ukraine, Belarus and Poland markets. Ketchup’s new office in Ukraine, which will be serving as the regional hub for extending Ketchup Group’s operations and services, has already reached the headcount of twenty. Under the leadership of a seasoned team, the company intends to bring a unique point of view to the region with its strong expertise in loyalty marketing while carrying out its 5 year-plan within region.

“Ukraine and surrounding region have long been a great source for loyalty business opportunities with many forward thinking companies especially in retail, insurance, fuel & gas and telecom sectors. Therefore it was a perfect decision for Ketchup to start a new company here in Kiev.” said Oleg Shevchenko, Board Member at Ketchup EE (Eastern Europe). “Since we are looking forward to expand further into the region, our company in Kiev will play the most strategic role, while also benefiting from the experience and support of our team in Turkey.”

“Today’s marketing world is becoming more aware of the necessity of retaining customers wisely. Without a strong loyalty strategy, sales oriented firms will have difficulties along the way with their sales and after sales performances. Especially sales teams and branch sales offices’ performance has a crucial effect for a company’s profitability. As Ketchup, we have been piling up all our expertise in loyalty marketing base with the current trends in digital and mobile and now we are ready to share it with our prospect clients in the  Eastern European market” said Yalçın Onur, the CEO of Ketchup Group.

The close relationship between Turkey and Ukraine will have a vital role in Ketchup’s continued expansion into the region. By sharing years of know-how in retaining customers and creating loyalty, Ketchup will strongly emphasize the necessity of integrating loyalty services and products especially for sales oriented firms in Ukraine and other surrounding countries.

About Ketchup Loyalty Marketing

Ketchup is a pioneer in loyalty management, creating and conducting end-to-end loyalty programs to target, engage, reward and retain customers for a wide range of globally recognized clients. Ketchup always drives results through customer engagement while building countless loyalty programs in retail, financial services, petroleum, automotive and communications industries. Creating value through analytics, Ketchup delivers tailor-made loyalty services and combines loyalty with today’s digital, mobile and social platforms.

Ketchup has received the most prestigious loyalty awards for the unique programs it has created so far. It has won the “Best Loyalty Program of the Year in Mobile” award in 2012 and the “Best Loyalty Program of the Year in Retail” award in 2013 from globally recognized Loyalty Magazine. Headquartered in Istanbul, Ketchup has operations in Europe and Middle East. For more information on Ketchup, please visit us on (www.ketchupagency.com), Facebook (www.facebook.com/ketchupagency) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ketchupagency).

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