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BP’s New Promotion Leverages Success of Loyalty Program

BP Loyalty ProgramSince BP upgraded its Driver Rewards loyalty program in May, company officials have looked to increase customer engagement even more.

Enter a new customer promotion: “Give a Reward, Get a Reward.” This campaign, which launched Sept. 2 and runs through Nov. 3 at participating BP retail locations, builds on recent success of the new BP Driver Rewards loyalty program by letting members give three friends or family members a reward of 25 cents per gallon discount on their next fill-up of up to 20 gallons. 

BP Driver Rewards members who participate will automatically be entered in a weekly sweepstakes to win one of 10 gift cards equivalent to a year’s worth of gas.

Loyalty360 caught up with Doug Dryan, BP’s loyalty program manager in the U.S., to gain a better sense of the new customer loyalty promotion.

How did this new campaign come to be and what are the company’s goals for it from a customer loyalty perspective?

After the successful launch of our new loyalty platform in May, we wanted to keep up our momentum by executing a consumer facing promotion. The goals of the program are three-fold:  1) Create another unique engagement point with our consumers.  2) Reward our most loyal consumers by giving them the opportunity to earn additional cents per gallon rewards. 3) Attract new consumers to our loyalty programs by encouraging them to trial instant reward redemption at BP locations.

Enhancing the customer experience is seen as the great differentiator these days in loyalty marketing. How will this campaign differentiate BP from its competitors?BP loyalty

The key differentiator with this promotion is ease of use, in my opinion, both on the front and back end. It’s extremely easy for a consumer to provide rewards to their friends and earn one for themselves at the same time. For our loyalty members, the additional rewards are loaded directly onto their accounts so they can redeem those rewards right at BP sites the same way they do today. Making the experience unique, but also frictionless, will ultimately make this promotional campaign successful.

How does BP define customer loyalty and has that definition changed or evolved in recent years? 

Ten years ago, loyalty for BP in the U.S. was defined as the number of consumers on our credit card programs and what their total purchase volume was. Today, it is much different. We have a variety of loyalty products, both credit and non-credit, for consumers to choose how they want to be rewarded.  And rewards are only a portion of how we define loyalty today. BP has the ability to directly engage with our consumers via our loyalty products and that is very impactful. While purchase volume remains an important part of the equation, providing consumers a truly personalized experience, from content to rewards to site experience, is how we define consumer loyalty today.

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