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Blueye Launches Loyalty Hub

Blueye, a Chicago-based provider of social technology and services, has unveiled its Loyalty Hub -- an engagement platform designed to help brands create, manage and monetize multi-stage loyalty programs.

The company is working with creative agencies, such as Frequency 540, to create sustainable customer engagement campaigns through Facebook.  Blueye was selected as one Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs) in 2010. Blueye is recognized as one of five global PMDs with both applications and ads capabilities.

Blueye Loyalty Hub

The campaigns developed with Loyalty Hub can also be built directly into a company’s own website, or through Facebook, as was done with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, which, along with PODs and the Salvation Army, are the first three enterprises to use the Loyalty Hub.

“We wanted to help companies create a more targeted customer experience,” Sarah Reilly, Blueye vice president of sales, told Loyalty 360.

Frequency 540 used the app to create the My Travel Wish App for Starwood Hotels. The app enables Starwood Preferred customers to plan their next vacation, mapping the directions to a Starwood property, and then helps the user book the room.

The app takes the user to a portal with a travel map, with related scenic pictures. The user then can add wishes such as “majestic mountains” or “golf getaway.”

Logging in through Facebook enables users to easily share their information with their social network, which is expected to drive further engagement.  The Loyalty Hub captures all of the pertinent data for Starwood in order to help drive marketing activity.

“The goal for the app was 5,000 wishes in a two-month campaign,” Reilly said. “They passed that goal in three days.”

The ongoing campaign now has more than 19,000 wishes.

The idea is to create branded experiences that customers will come back to, will generate word-of-mouth referrals and drive customer loyalty, according to Reilly. In addition to creating engaging experiences, Loyalty Hub identifies and segments brands` most valuable customers, utilizing behavioral insights and enables marketers to re-target customers in a more relevant way to increase conversion and ultimately drive purchases.

Starwood started using the Loyalty Hub in November, while the Salvation Army and PODS also started with it last year. Blueye wanted to prove the concept before publicly announcing the platform, Reilly explained.

"Having a social presence is so much more than mere 'likes' and the fan count on a Facebook page," said Chris Hachey, PODs director of e-commerce, in a prepared statement. “At PODs it became important for us to use social channels as another means for driving awareness and understanding the customer feedback loop. Because our business is based on referrals and reputation, having a social presence that fosters positive recommendations from friends is critical. In the programs that we have created with Blueye, our customers have connected with our brand in unique, authentic ways that will keep them coming back - like offering an incentive discount for booking with Facebook - which drives actual sales."

Reilly said that Blueye helps brands engage customers in what the company calls the three pillars of loyalty: Customer engagement, customer behavior and conversion.

Loyalty Hub helps with customer engagement through its suite of customizable applications designed to provide personalized engagement with fans, and to collect data for retargeting, Reilly said, adding that other loyalty apps don’t have a way to identify advocates, which Loyalty Hub does by combining social media, e-mail and customer relationship management information. So the app enables brands and agencies to launch and optimize marketing campaigns to drive the highest conversions among the most relevant audience through Facebook sponsored stories and ads, Reilly said.

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